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Begin Your Journey to Happiness

Hi, I'm Dee!

I help empower my clients to Face Everything and Rise. I teach what I have learned, practice and have proven effective for achieving balance in all areas of their lives. 

I am continually learning and adding to my tool box of knowledge which allows me to meet my clients where they are on their journey. 


For every client balance will look very different and the specific season of a person’s life will involve varying steps to achieving their balance.

I help each client to become empowered to find their aha moment and take action steps in order to achieve their balance and goals. 


As a coach I do not treat, fix or tell clients what the solution to their problems are.  However, I will be a guide, teaching and providing tools and techniques that will allow you to overcome habits and old patterns that block fulfillment in your life.


Are you ready to take the actions necessary to live the life you have always desired?

Get started in one of 3 effective ways to breaking the barriers of fear in your life today!

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